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Based at the Verdun Auditorium in Montréal, Centre 21.02 offers a daily residence and opportunities to more than 40 athletes, including 17 players from the National program.

Center 21.02 provides an environment that strives to develop the highest standards of excellence and conduct in women's hockey, with an emphasis on training, innovation, learning and leadership.
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“Sun Life is proud to be a founding partner of the 21.02 High Performance Hockey Centre Les Canadiennes. These elite players and role models will have a lasting impact on helping young girls become more active, supporting our commitment to help Canadians live healthier lives."

Jacques Goulet

President, Sun Life Canada

« BFL CANADA is proud to support Centre 21.02 and their efforts towards making ice hockey more inclusive for women. The services offered by the Centre are aimed at the long-term development of athletes, coaches and all those involved. This is why we are committing to the Centre, to ensure hockey is accessible to all players, no matter their gender. When we do this, young girls from all backgrounds can go on to inspire future generations of players and build a more inclusive game. »

Barry F. Lorenzetti

President & CEO, BFL CANADA

«The Montreal Canadiens have long supported women's hockey, from our partnership at the professional level to our grassroots initiatives. Danièle Sauvageau and her team are building a program of excellence that will benefit not only today's female athletes, but also those who follow in their footsteps. We are proud to be associated with this project and we are also grateful to the Government of Quebec for their continued support in growing the sport.»

Geoff Molson

«Centre 21.02 will be a special project for the next generation…»

Marie Philip Poulin

«Having the Centre available to us has really improved our training...and more importantly gave us all the ressources possible...»

Laura Stacey

«The arrival of this Hockey High Performance Centre offers us support all year long…»

Melodie Daoust

« During and after university, it's great to know the best players will have an opportunity to continue to progress and evolve towards the next level in Québec thanks to the structured environment provided by Centre 21.02. »

Karell Emard

« The Centre represents a new hope for the future of women’s hockey. I'm grateful to be able to practice my sport during this pandemic. Centre 21.02 gives women a chance to be on the ice. It’s also a place where the most talented university athletes can make their place after graduating and ensures more female players are prepared to eventually play in a professional league.»

Ann-Sophie Bettez

« Centre 21.02 is the main reason I returned to Québec. Centre 21.02 has allowed me to train regularly with high-level players every day, and given me the necessary support on and off the ice to keep excelling in hockey.»

Anne-Renée Desbiens

High level coaches

Highly qualified coaches certified by Hockey Québec and Hockey Canada's development and certification program.

Exceptional sports facilities

Access to a professional environment that facilitates effective, high-calibre training.

Proximity to schools and universities

Many university and colleges where athletes can study in both official languages, all accessible via a reliable and efficient public transportation system.

Holistic development and leadership

Access to an environment conducive to athlete, coach and staff development. Centre 21.02 management encourages all its members to be confident leaders, ready to assume leadership roles in sport.

Innovative clinics and competitions

Twelve months of coaching. Clinics, high performance internships and innovative competition opportunities.

Sports Specialists

Access to hockey specialists, scientific and medical services such as physical trainers, sports psychologists, sports medicine doctors, massage therapists, sports therapists, nutritionists, kinesiologists, etc.


The first recognized centre of excellence in women's hockey in the country and the first permanent training facility in Québec, Canada for elite players.



Our leaders and coaches have over 100 years of combined international hockey experience.



Current Centre 21.02 member-athletes have accumulated more than 66 medals on the international scene, including 12 Olympic medals.

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A unique opportunity to change the game, innovate and inspire!

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