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Founding Partners

BFL Canada

"BFL CANADA is proud to support Centre 21.02 and their efforts towards making ice hockey more inclusive for women. The services offered by the Centre are aimed at the long-term development of athletes, coaches and all those involved. This is why we are committing to the Centre, to ensure hockey is accessible to all players, no matter their gender. When we do this, young girls from all backgrounds can go on to inspire future generations of players and build a more inclusive game."

- Barry F. Lorenzetti, President & CEO

Sun Life

"Sun Life is proud to be a founding partner of the 21.02 High Performance Hockey Centre Les Canadiennes. These elite players and role models will have a lasting impact on helping young girls become more active, supporting our commitment to help Canadians live healthier lives."

- Jacques Goulet, President, Sun Life Canada

Strategic Partners

Gouvernement du Québec

Verdun - Montréal

Recently renovated, the Verdun Auditorium now hosts Centre 21.02 and their member athletes. With two rinks and a capacity of over 2,500 seats, the Verdun Auditorium is a state-of-the-art sports facility, which offers an ideal environment for athlete training and competition. The Auditorium offers Center 21.02 professional changing rooms, therapy and training spaces, offices for administration and coaches, storage spaces, meeting rooms equipped with TVs, and laundry service.

Hockey Québec

"Hockey Quebec is proud to support Centre 21.02. Building on the expertise of Danièle Sauvageau and her team, this impressive training centre, in addition to promoting women's hockey, will allow many elite players to perfect their skills, which contribute to the development of our hockey players on the national and international scenes."

- Paul Ménard, Executive Director

INS Québec

"We are happy to have Centre 21.02 within the INS Québec community. The Centre’s establishment allows “Excellence”-identified athletes to benefit from better planning and greater efficiency in the delivery of medical and scientific sports services provided by the experts of the Institut national du sport du Québec.”

- Gaëtan Robitaille, Chairman & CEO


"As a woman in a leadership position, I always welcome opportunities to support and elevate other women creating businesses and communities. Working with le Centre 21.02 was a great occasion to build a partnership from shared values that are important to me personally and the P3F team. We are proud to have collaborated with Danièle Sauvageau to bring her vision to life while sharing the objectives of the organization’s mission and their commitment to the advancement of women at all levels. Beyond giving priority to female hockey athletes, le Centre 21.02 is a fine example of feminine leadership that will inspire generations to come."

- Amy Jovani, President

“The Centre represents a new hope for the future of women’s hockey. I'm grateful to be able to practice my sport during this pandemic. Centre 21.02 gives women a chance to be on the ice. It’s also a place where the most talented university athletes can make their place after graduating and ensures more female players are prepared to eventually play in a professional league.

Ann-Sophie Bettez

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